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The Journey of Blue Ridge Mountain Mortgage

The story of Blue Ridge Mountain Mortgage is not just a professional narrative; it’s a tapestry woven with compassion and heart, guided by the vision and expertise of Ivory Hamm Bare. With an illustrious career spanning over two decades in the mortgage industry, Ivory’s journey unfolded as a Mortgage Loan Officer and Sales Manager at esteemed institutions such as Yadkin Valley Bank, Yadkin Bank, and FNB. Subsequently, she devoted nearly six years to Atlantic Bay Mortgage Group, where she served as a Senior Mortgage Banker and Branch Manager. Armed with invaluable experience from major banks, Ivory decided to follow her heart and embark on the realization of her lifelong dream—a mortgage brokerage of her own.

Blue Ridge Mountain Mortgage is more than a destination for lending; it’s a sanctuary of compassion. Ivory holds deep admiration for her team, clients, and everyone touched by the work at Blue Ridge Mountain Mortgage. Admiration, in Ivory’s perspective, transcends mere support; it’s about endorsing, recognizing the best in others, and fervently advocating for their success. The mission is clear: to reintroduce admiration into the mortgage industry, making Blue Ridge Mountain Mortgage a haven that authentically admires you.

Ivory intimately understands the profound significance of buying a home—it’s not just a transaction; it’s the compassionate journey of a lifetime. It’s where families plant roots and grow for years to come. Blue Ridge Mountain Mortgage is propelled by a heartfelt commitment to work diligently, ensuring you find the perfect loan to suit your unique needs. In a world often dominated by transactions, Blue Ridge Mountain Mortgage stands out by infusing genuine care, compassion, and admiration into every step of the homeownership journey.”

Meet the Experts:

Ivory Bare

Founder & CEO,
Certified Mortgage Advisor
Blue Ridge Mountain Mortgage
NMLS 120401-Personal NMLS
Business NMLS#2540386

Ivory Bare, a seasoned professional with over two decades of extensive experience in the mortgage industry, imparts her wealth of knowledge to clients with a focus on elucidating the intricacies of various loan programs. Her commitment lies in guiding each unique borrower towards the optimal loan solution tailored to their specific financial situation.

Emphasizing a commitment to transparency, Ivory underscores the importance of open communication throughout the entire loan process, from initial application to closing. This meticulous approach ensures that clients are consistently informed about the status of their loan, fostering a sense of confidence and trust in the process.

Outside of her professional endeavors, Ivory dedicates her free time to cherished moments with her family and active participation in her local church. This dedication to both personal and professional spheres reflects Ivory’s holistic approach to life and underscores her commitment to both her clients and community.